Call for Papers

A Special Issue on "Biomedical Information through the Implementation of Social Media Environments"

Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JCR 2010 IF: 1.719)

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The use of Internet for searching health-related information has increased during the last few years. A national survey in the USA found that 80% of Internet users look for health information using the Internet, and 60% of them indicated that online health information affected their health care decisions). This constitutes a situation of potential risk since the reliability of the information is not guaranteed. Such a situation can generate inefficiency and overrun for the biomedical systems.

The fast growth of the so-called Social Media (Web 2.0 or social networks such as blogs, podcast, wikis, Twitter or Facebook) may have a large impact on health care. Nowadays, citizens search for information on the Internet and consult forums, social networks or blogs so as to learn more about illnesses, treatments, or health information in general. The implementation of shared health information platforms based on social networks, such as Wikipedia, are other interesting applications to consider. Forty-two percent of all Americans turn to Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia, for information online and it is therefore often used as a source of health information upon which actions are taken.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

The issue will focus on original research papers in these and related areas. It may also include survey papers designed to provide an overview of research developments in the fields and methods that are the focus of the special issue.

Important Dates:

Peer-review process:

All submitted papers will go through a rigorous peer-review process with at least two reviewers. All submissions should follow the guidelines for authors available at the Journal of Biomedical Informatics web site ( JBI's editorial policy is also outlined on that page and will be strictly followed by special issue reviewers. Note, in particular, that JBI publishes papers that introduce and assess innovative methodologies. Thus descriptions of specific systems should be used only to motivate and illustrate the nature and capabilities of an underlying methodology that is the focus of the article.

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