SONAR2 project was an industrial research project of the program AVANZA I+D. The entities which participate in the development of this project were: Indra Software Labs, University Carlos III of Madrid and University of Murcia. The main aim of the project was the design and development of an integrated environment which acts as decision support system in the finance field. The idea of this system is to help traders and financial analysts in the investment decision process. This environment makes use of several cutting-edge technologies in the field of financial technical and fundamental analysis. These technologies include the use of Semantic technologies like ontologies, Semantic Web Rules through SWRL language, heuristic applications, and the use of neural networks. Additionally, with this project also has the aim of the development of a collaborative system based in Web 2.0. Technologies which allow to the users to create, modify or delete information relative to investments in an interactive and easy way. In the page of SONAR2 page at Indra you can find more information about the project. In this page you can find information about the packages which members of SoftLab team at UC3M has developed. Concretely, UC3M leads the development of recommendation systems based on fundamental and technical analysis. In FAST and CAST section you can find additional information about each subsystem.